The LokkLatch® PRO-SL is a grade self-locking security gate latch. Not only can this lock be operated and locked from either side of a gate, when the latch closes it will lock automatically for added security. As the latch automatically locks, a key is required to enter or exit, providing an extra dimension of security and making LokkLatch PRO-SL the ideal choice for installation in apartments, gated communities, commercial and other security-conscious properties.

The LokkLatch PRO-SL with strong, moulded polymer construction and stainless steel components gives you the benefits of key-lockability and reliable latching action with superior design and rust-proof components.

• Self-locking security – automatically locks behind you
• Operation requires a key to enter & exit
• Operates & locks from both sides of the gate
• Dual, 6-pin security locks
• Super-strong polymer construction with stainless steel components ensures no rust or corrosion
• Adjustable vertically and horizontally
• Fits posts up to 150mm deep